Rajarshi Bhattacharjee

Hi! I am a second year PhD student in the College of Information and Computer Sciences at University of Massachusetts Amherst.

I'm a student in the Theoretical Computer Science group. I'm advised by Prof. Cameron Musco.

I have a masters' degree in Computer Science from Indian Statistical Institute and a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Jadavpur University, India. You can check out my resume here.

Email : rbhattacharj AT umass.edu

Google Scholar, CV

Research Interests

I'm broadly interested in theoretcial computer science (specifically sublinear algorithms for large scale data) and machine learning. In my research, I try to leverage tools from randomized algorithms, linear algebra, optimization and machine learning to design algorithms which can process large scale data efficiently. I've recently been working on sublinear time algorithms for problems related to computational linear algebra. I'm currently working on the problem of approximating the eigenspectrum of a matrix in sublinear time by sampling random submatrices.

Previously, I've worked on online learning, specifically, on finding lower bounds on the regret of online caching. I've also worked on optimizing the age-of-information in communicaton networks. You can check out my publications below.